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GTA V Baseball Bat V2.0 [ Release]

Author: Notorious MCJ
Date: 16.03.2019
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"Please Re-Download this Mod Again"
Though I am not asking for one just so I can become the "King of GTA" or something; NO! I would rather buy a RTX 2080Ti over a Lamborghini, That's not the case, But the case here is actually the new version coming along with a new main picture embedded with that, so for those who were unaware, tell to them that it's updated, Thanks to SergeDV for the then-feedback he got it for me, and one thing's for sure I don't want to add the same file just replacing it, it's my very first time to come around in this modding community.

What's New here:
This time it's a high quality 3d model weapon from the actual enhanced edition and not the ones it ripped from it's obsolete and retextured back then, I can now assure all of you that this is not clickbait (though the pictures are still the same, except the main one) it is also open source too, so best be using it.


-For bat's replacement.
-Custom Icon (Made it myself).
-Re-Revamped and mostly Re-Re-Released.
-SAMP/MTA Tested (Unlike cars, guns are easy).
-Textures and 3D Models were ripped from GTA V.
-Fixed in a Correct Position to hold in the player's hands.
-A bat Icon for the DK22Pac's GTA V HUD, for the baseball_bat.png replacement.
-High Quality Textures (albeit reduced to 512x1024 like the Hatchet before indeed).
-Open Source, files are fully unlocked which you are free to customize, resize and even uploading it elsewhere as long as my credibility was given by you.

It's pretty much flawless as of now.

Installation for Modloader and Non-Modloader Users:
Open it and Again Open the Base Folder to copy that "GTA V Melee" folder onto
the modloader folder and play, or Download The Alci IMG Editor to open gta3.img
and replace these two files, rebuild and finally, play your game.

-Modloader by LINK/2012 (a user-friendly loader that makes your experience with mods content).
-CJ Hands With Seperated Fingers (From mobile version) by flame1251.
-DK22Pac's GTA V HUD v0.925.

This is everything I could come unto this, ain't retiring just returning and I thank you all for downloading my mods here, who knew it's a lot just for me, In fact I'm not just going to upload GTA V weapons only, but also other weapons from outside R* so have fun and play ball.

madleg (Mod Ragdoll Bullet Physics)
R* (Grand Theft Auto V, excluding most titles).
Vados-mods (HD Ped Skins from its screenshots).
Notorious MCJ (Formerly The Unknown One and one of my Weapon Mods).

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GTA V Baseball Bat V2.0 [ Release]
GTA V Baseball Bat V2.0 [ Release] GTA V Baseball Bat V2.0 [ Release] GTA V Baseball Bat V2.0 [ Release] GTA V Baseball Bat V2.0 [ Release] GTA V Baseball Bat V2.0 [ Release] GTA V Baseball Bat V2.0 [ Release] GTA V Baseball Bat V2.0 [ Release]

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