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Pipboy from Fallout for SA

Author: Gmer
Date: 11.07.2018
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Here is the 'pipboy' tablet from Fallout for GTA SA, it can be used to replace a weapon or be used as (static) object. The size of your hand/forearm. Finally we have this device in GTA!

The poly and texture detail is high enough to give a good zoom-in, as you can see in 2 of the pictures the true size relative to your player model is like a phone/tablet size, but true quality details are still preserved so you can enlarge it to see the true device interface, or even ask a modeller to/do rescale it. If you rescale it, you can get the Pipboy device to up the size of a big vehicle and still see the detailed version of pipboy. So it's very versatile.

You can probably downsize the mod for lower size (TXD image resolutions), but I won't dare because I dont know the purpose people are gonna use it for that may need true details/quality or they will rescale it. So im playing it safe to satisfy everyone.

Note; if you need rescale to bigger model and you dont know how, ask me in comments to release it.

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Pipboy from Fallout for SA
Pipboy from Fallout for SA Pipboy from Fallout for SA Pipboy from Fallout for SA

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