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Russian Weapons Icon Pack in SA Style (128x128)

Author: lynx451
Date: 21.07.2017
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This is a small modification for those people who love modding and Russian guns, but also love the spirit of the original game.

It includes a set of 20 icons in GTA SA Style for some more-or-less obscure/specific Russian guns as well as some classic favorites. The icons are meant to be used with various conversions that modders have done for GTA SA (Out of the top of my head, some have been done by Vindicator, emikiller, Mysterdogg, and Marksman)

Handguns: Makarov, Stechkin APS, GSh-18
SMG: OTS-02 Kiparis, Vityaz-SN, SR-2, PP-91
Rifles: SR-3M, AKM, AKMS, 9A91, VSK-94
Shotguns: KS-23M, TOZ-194, VEPR-12
Explosive/Heavy: RGO Grenade, RPG-26, RPG-7

I will add more icons in the future. I am currently re-doing all my earliest versions (When I had just learned how to create icons)

The icons were made from scratch, based on pics of their real counterparts. I tried to keep the level of detail to the maximum possible for an icon, but I am an amateur at this, so don't expect them to be perfect.

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Russian Weapons Icon Pack in SA Style (128x128)

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