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GE ES44AC Freight CSX YN3 Cinci Update

Author: Railworks 2 Train Simulator, Driver, Fernando33
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Date: 18.01.2020
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The GE ES44AC six-axle diesel locomotive, one of four models in the Evolution Series, is manufactured by GE Transportation Systems for the North American market. Evolution Series locomotives are produced from 2003 to the present. According to a publication by Trains Magazine, ES is named one of the "10 locomotives that changed the railway." The model is presented in the coloring of CSX Cinci

important info!!!
the model of CSX ES44AC now has smoke effect how in TS also has reverse locomotive also is Limited Edition for San Andreas if have any problem write in private message also the model of ES44AC CSX Cinci is not allowed for other websites for sorry

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GE ES44AC Freight CSX YN3 Cinci Update
GE ES44AC Freight CSX YN3 Cinci Update

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