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Magic.TXD 1.1

Author: DK22Pac, The_GTA
Website | Email
Date: 17.04.2016
Downloads: 59184 | Statistics
Filesize: 21.673 MB

9.61 based on 59 votes

Magic.TXD is a community collaboration to create a modern and capable RenderWare TXD editor for all platforms and titles. It supports all RW based GTA titles, such as GTA3, GTAVC and GTASA, on all platforms. There is also support for Persona 3/4 and Sonic Heroes.

2nd best GTA modding tool according to 2016 GTAForums Awards.

Brought to you by DK22Pac and The_GTA.

* PC, PS2, XBOX, Gamecube and mobile (GTA3 android) texture support
* DXT1/2/3/4/5 compression
* mipmap generation (+ black roads fix)
* TXD conversion, building and exporting
* Windows shell extension for explorer thumbnails and context menu
* Image formats: PNG, DDS, BMP, PVR, TIFF, JPEG, TGA
* Languages: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Croatian, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Chinese

Special thanks to:
Ash Rogers (GUI design help)
GodFather (translator)
Flame (support)
Vadim (tester)
Ss4gogeta0 (tester)
M4k3 (tester)
LINK/2012 (translator)
Matias_Montanna (translator)
and everyone else who contributed!

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Magic.TXD 1.1
Magic.TXD 1.1 Magic.TXD 1.1 Magic.TXD 1.1 Magic.TXD 1.1 Magic.TXD 1.1 Magic.TXD 1.1

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