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SCM Variable Usage Analyzer

Author: goodidea82
Date: 11.11.2015
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SCM Variable Usage Analyzer 0.1 by GoodIdea82, 2015

This is a tool for programmers who work with the main.scm. This is for GTA III, VC, and SA.

This is a quick and dirty python script. With this script you can analylze the usage of local and global variables in main.scm. Edit the script and change the
dir variable so that it contains the path to your main.txt. Generate main.txt
by decompiling main.scm using SannyBuilder. This script reads the decompiled
code and creates the files variableUsage.txt and sideEffectFreeVariables.txt.
The file variableUsage.txt finds for all sections (main, missions, external scripts)
which variables are used. After each variable it lists in which other section
the variable is also used. The file sideEffectFreeVariables.txt finds all
variables which occur only in one section and do not occur in main, mission 1,
or mission 2. Hence, the side-effect free variables are used only locally in a
one section. Actually not variables are analyzed by variable expressions.
For example the array access $123($45,i4) and $123(3,i4) may refer to
the same variable if $45=3.

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SCM Variable Usage Analyzer

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