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GTA Script Generator 3.1b

Author: wmysterio
Date: 11.11.2018
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GTA Script Generator is a tool that allows you to generate code for Sanny Builder using Visual Studio and C # language. The DLL library contains all the basic methods that are often used in the development of standard SCM modifications. Now you can more quickly develop scripts, avoid critical errors and write code using the modern C # language.

To use this library, you need to know C # at a basic level and know how SCM scripts work. You need to use the latest version of Visual Studio and .Net Framework version 4.7.1 or higher. Performance in other languages ??and platforms is not guaranteed.

The library is NOT able to compile scripts, as does the Sanny Builder or Plugin SDK from DK22Pac. The library does NOT interpret scripts as ScriptHook and MoonLoader do. The question arises: what is she doing? It uses code that is written in C # in order to later make code from it that Sanny Builder can compile. The generator has a method that runs the Sanny Builder compiler and passes the generated script to it.

Supported GTA SA, VC and III.

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GTA Script Generator 3.1b

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