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Author: Grinch_
Website | Email
Date: 03.02.2018
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IDE Sorting Script v1.0 by Grinch_

Special thanks:Programmers Around The World.
Inspired by X-Seti`s Sorting Scripts.

Some Q & A

Q:Is the script complete?

Q:What is Sorting IDE Obj(Lines) Amount?
A:It`s the amount of the total Obj lines you will enter to sort in the program.
I recommand tha you put the corrcect value.Like if you wanna sort 20 lines/IDs,
then input 20.You can also input more than the original but not less.But the
program may not run as intended if the values are not same.

Q:What is object ID starting point ID?
A:The ID that you want to start sorting from.

Q:What is IDE lines?
A:Enter you IDE files lines.

Q:Any future plans?
A:Yeah,to create IPL sorting script,which will sort IPL files via IDE file,IDs


1.The ide file will be self created(sorted.ide).
2.Progess work prints in sorted.log file.
3.If any crash occurs,its details can be found in log.

Please do not upload this anywhere else without authors permisson.Thanks

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