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Cleo Script Installer 1.1

Author: Schatz
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Date: 13.08.2016
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august 12, 2016

Cleo Script Installer

you will need at least microsoft .net framework 3.0 to run this in windows xp and vista.
if you don't have have it you can download it from the official Microsoft site or just google for it.

this is a cleo script installer for Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas, Vice City, GTA 3

you can install and uninstall cleo script mods with this, no need to copy then paste the file to your cleo folder, and delete it when you are bored.


We need support! any support in coding and donation will be apperciated,
i want to make csi a all perfect mod installer but there are several problems
in my way, so please help in development process credits will be given.
csi is developed in microsoft visual basic 2008 express in windows 7 32bit
source code is availbale to download at

the next version of csi will release in october it will include advanced features
and other thing like one-click mod install/uninstall, installing from rar, zip, etc..

you can contact me via e-mail :
[email protected]

join here for contribute to csi:

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Cleo Script Installer 1.1
Cleo Script Installer 1.1

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