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Vincent Gonitti (Max Payne 2)

Author: Duniwill
Date: 03.08.2016
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Vincent "Vinnie" Gonitti - Gang leader Gonitti established on the ruins of Punchinello Mafia, the main enemy of Vlad. Winnie led a gang after the murder of Angelo Punchinello. Start a war of gangs, trying to capture the black market for arms sales. Start a war with Vlad, seeing in him a rival, and ignoring an order not to go into Don disassembly with Russian. His men attacked a warehouse Vlad, intending to seize the weapon, but a few hours before the arrival of Max in the warehouse they were quickly cleaned cleaners. In retaliation Winnie attacks on a restaurant and he almost succeeded in defeating Vlad, if not to him in time arrived to help Max. Seeing the old enemy, Winnie in horror runs, remembering the previous meeting. Then he falls into the trap, wearing a suit of Captain baseball bats, stuffed with explosives. In Part III, Vlad blows Winnie. You can find his grave in Max Payne 3 in a cemetery in New York. After the death of Winnie his quarters were captured Russian and Banda Gonitti eliminated. It appears in the chapter "The criminal genius", was killed in the chapter "My dear friend." model - Stephen Gregory, a voice - Fred Berman.

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Vincent Gonitti (Max Payne 2)

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