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GTA V Dunce Cap [ADDED not replaced] for CJ

Author: TheNathanNS
Date: 06.03.2016
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By TheNathanNS

1.) Description

This mod ADDS (not replaces) the Dunce Cap from GTA 5 to CJ's wardrobe.

You can purchase the Dunce Cap for $1000 from the "Watches" section at any ProLaps store.

In GTA 5, you can only wear the Dunce Cap if you're placed in a Bad Sport lobby. AKA blow up everyone's personal vehicles....... hmm, I wonder why CJ has it now. :P

Why the "watches" section and not hats?

Well, I was fiddling around with adding (not replacing) clothes to GTA SA so if I decide to add more clothes, it'll probably change in the future.

2.) Installation

Replace shopping.dat in your data folder.

Place clothes.fxt in your CLEO_TEXT folder.

Open up Player.IMG with any IMG editing tool and add dunce.dff and dunce.txd to your player.img

When I used Modloader WITHOUT adding the files to the player.img, my game crashed when I went to buy the cap.

So please, actually add the files to the player.img before attempting to use this mod.

3.) Bugs!

As the hat is defined as a watch, there will be a few bugs:

* You can wear a hat and the dunce cap at the same time. Expect clipping if you do that.

* Hat may clip out of certain, smaller cars.

* In cutscenes, the hat will be levitating in cutscenes. (See pics for that)

IF you're using a different player.img, there's a chance the hat won't fit whoever you're playing as.

The hat was rigged to fit CJ's head and no one elses.

4.) Credits

Converted from GTA 5 by TheNathanNS
Rigged for GTA SA by TheNathanNS

Feel free to use this in any packs, just give credit please.

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GTA V Dunce Cap [ADDED not replaced] for CJ
GTA V Dunce Cap [ADDED not replaced] for CJ GTA V Dunce Cap [ADDED not replaced] for CJ GTA V Dunce Cap [ADDED not replaced] for CJ

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