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John Marston (Rancher)

Author: TheNathanNS
Date: 18.05.2014
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John Marston Rancher for GTA San Andreas

Made by TheNathanNS

1.) Description
This mod brings John Marston in the rancher outfit from Red Dead Redemption to GTA San Andreas.

John Marston is the main character in the 2010 Rockstar game, Red Dead Redemption and it's DLC Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare.

John Marston also appears in Grand Theft Auto V as a parent option for GTA Online if the player has their Xbox gamertag or PSN ID linked to their Rockstar Social Club account.

Those of you who have played and completed Red Dead Redemption know John wears this outfit after completing his task for the government. (No spoilers, eh)

2.) Installation
As this is a ped skin, this skin can replace any ped or be imported to your skin.img if you're using CLEO skin selector

For a list of peds and their gta3.img names, please visit this link.

3.) Bugs
There is a texture bug on John's gloves. I do not know how to fix this.

Also, you will notice some model deformations (namely on the arms) on animations such as the "handsup" animation.
I plan on fixing this, hence why my promo pic has "VERSION 1"

TheNathanNS (me) rigging the model
Tribalizer for ripping the models. (I found the John Marston models on the Facepunch forums)

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John Marston (Rancher)
John Marston (Rancher) John Marston (Rancher)

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