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Hot Girlfriends

Author: Cleoude
Website | Email
Date: 21.06.2021
Downloads: 4417 | Statistics
Filesize: 35.005 MB

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00:00 00:11 Artwork Barbara (Vanilla)
00:11 00:26 Sexy Cop Barbara (Vanilla)
00:27 00:43 Millie With Dress (Vanilla)
00:44 00:58 S3x Shop Millie (Vanilla)
00:59 01:10 Denise With Dress (Vanilla)
01:11 01:25 Grove Girl Denise (Vanilla)
01:26 01:37 Army Helena (Vanilla)
01:38 01:54 Artwork Helena (Vanilla)
01:55 02:08 Helena With Tank Top (Vanilla)
02:09 02:22 School Girl Michelle (Vanilla)
02:23 02:36 Michelle Works Outfit for Michelle (Vanilla)
02:37 02:54 Kate With Tights (Vanilla)
02:55 03:09 Kate With Tights (Vanilla)
03:10 03:21 Artwork Barbara (Skin Tweak)
03:21 03:36 Sexy Cop Barbara (Skin Tweak)
03:37 03:53 Millie With Dress (Skin Tweak)
03:54 04:08 S3x Shop Millie (Skin Tweak)
04:09 04:20 Denise With Dress (Skin Tweak)
04:21 04:35 Grove Girl Denise (Skin Tweak)
04:36 04:47 Army Helena (Skin Tweak)
04:48 05:04 Artwork Helena (Skin Tweak)
05:05 05:18 Helena With Tank Top (Skin Tweak)
05:19 05:30 School Girl Michelle (Skin Tweak)
05:31 05:46 Michelle Works Outfit for Michelle (Skin Tweak)
05:47 05:59 Kate With Tights (Skin Tweak)
06:00 06:14 Kate With Tights (Skin Tweak)
06:15 07:57 Bikini Outfits

Hot GirlFriends by Cleoude

New looks, new outfits and accessories have been added to the girlfriends.
A more attractive and fancy look was provided.

There are 4 versions, 3 main and 1 sub version.

Vanilla Version (w/ Pedfuncs)
Upscaled Version (w/ Pedfuncs)
Skin Tweak Version (w/ Pedfuncs)

Artwork Barbara
Barbara With Sexy Cop Outfit
Denise With Dress
Grove Girl Denise
Artwork Helena
Helena With Tank Top
Army Helena
Kate With Tights
Nurse Uniform For Kate (GTA IV)
Michelle With School Girl Outfit
Michelle Works Outfit For Michelle
Millie With Dress
Millie with Sex Shop Outfit
Bikini Outfits

Cleoude - Skins, Textures
Navetsea - Skin Tweak
Samp Team - Police Girl Model

If you don't want to download full pack:

Download Vanilla Version:

Download Upscaled Version:

Download Skin Tweak Version:

How to Install:
You can import the skins you want to gta3.img or you can put them in an empty folder in modloader(recommend). Before that, there are variations inside Folders. Read info.txt to get information about them.

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