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Mai Waifu from Yandere Simulator

Author: windowsuser9999
Date: 06.05.2020
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Mai Waifu from Yandere Simulator skin for GTA: SA.

I'm susprised that there's not Mai Waifu skin for GTA SA but well, back to GTA SA rigging, but well, I came with a new skin. So it's first mod of 2020. idk why 2019 had one only mod but only for GTA VC.
This skin is converted from MMD to GTA SA but except I edited the hair texture and added the scarf like in actual Yandere Simulator build.

Possible bugs:
There's a skirt problem. idk how to fix this. And this isn't caused by texture but idk.

How to install:
1. Use a IMG editor like Alci's IMG Editor.
2. Put both files MaiWaifu.dff and MaiWaifu.txd to skin.img.

How to use:
1. If you're ingame, press Tab+Q or Tab+E.

Made by windowsuser9999 (I hate to have this name, duh. I want to change it).
DON'T COPY MY MOD! If you want use my skin on your mod, make it sure to credit me.

Note: This is my Yandere Simulator MMD skin to rig to GTA: SA.

Credits to:
nyehnyehnyehmeow - Original MMD model. Well, the original owner allowed to edit it due by lack of interest in Yandere Simulator and MMD(?).
YandereDev - For Yandere Simulator, the Mai Waifu character and head scarf.

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Mai Waifu from Yandere Simulator
Mai Waifu from Yandere Simulator Mai Waifu from Yandere Simulator Mai Waifu from Yandere Simulator

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