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Fortnite Mega Skin Pack

Author: VendettaHD
Date: 06.05.2020
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Converted and adapted by VendettaHD .

On this occasion I share this skin pack that I had been converting from days ago. It is a total of 9 skins + their unlockable styles in the game.

Note: Not all skins have unlockable styles.

-Banned to go to another page agena GTAInside (Avoid being sued)
-Prohibited from using in a game other than San Andreas (If you want to make it for your own use and do not re-upload it)
-Prohibited from putting any skin for sale, the content of this pack is NOT mine, it is total from Epic Games, and the same person will be sued to be caught selling something.


Convertidos y adaptados por VendettaHD.

En esta ocasión les comparto este skin pack que venia convirtiendo de dias atrás. Es un total de 9 skins + sus estilos desbloqueables en el juego.

Ojo: No todos los skins tienen estilos desbloqueables.

Descargo de responsabilidad:
-Prohibido subir a otra página agena a GTAInside (Evita ser demandado)
-Prohibido usar en otro juego que no sea San Andreas (Si quieres hacerlo que sea de uso propio y no lo re-subas)
-Prohibido poner algun skin a la venta, el contenido de este pack NO es mio, es total de Epic Games, e igual se demandará a la persona que sea sorprendida vendiendo algo.

-Normal Map By DK22Pac
-PedFunctions By Jr_Djjr

-Lo siento por no subir capturas de los skins, no tuve tiempo de tomarlas...
-Sorry for not uploading skins catch, I didn't have time to take them

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Fortnite Mega Skin Pack

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