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Nude Fiona - Thicc Version

Author: annxx
Date: 24.01.2020
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Hello guys I hope you are all fine, i know i've been abscent for a pretty long time and it's because of the problems i've been having while moving to another place, but here i am one more time bringing you this edit, I actually love all of the DOA characters but i think they would look much better with more curves if you know what i mean n.n so today i had a little free time and made this edit, so i hope you all enjoy it <3 i'll try to make more

Character: Fiona
Model Credits: Dead or Alive 5 by Koei Tecmo. Ninja Team. Japan.
Skin Credits: Sergio_Van_ Dyk <3 Thanks to him for providing the original skin <3 I love so much of the skins he makes he has real talent so plz visit his webpage and profile for more skins and mods <3

Protip: If you're planning to use this skin as a player please check change your ped animation style to a female one, that way the skin will move and look more natural and tastier ;) have fun

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