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KDA Ahri [Renewed]

Author: userboy17
Date: 10.08.2019
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I've uploaded KDA Ahri as my first mod on 15.07.2019 and after 2 days realisted she wasn't good enough and i updated her. But her arms were still creepy and bad looking. And her legs too. Briefly she was completely terrible. But after nearly a month i've renewed her.

Here are the changes:

+ Headmoves are improved. Her hair no more apart from body.
+ Props are renewed. Now they're rigged to Arms and Legs instead of entire Body.
+ Arms are improved. Now she can move her arms more realistic as it should be.
+ Legs are renewed. Now they're more near to realistic as it should be.
+ She is more bright now. (I selected her as a "Day" model so she will shine all day along!)

P.S If you're able to use the Woman walking style please do. Otherwise arms may be look creepy in CJ's animations. (Not so bad actually but the best.)
P.S 2 I didn't delete the first mod so you can compare.

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KDA Ahri [Renewed]

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