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Red Kings Beta MH2

Author: cacahuete & memeboi
Date: 07.02.2019
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Los red kings beta de Manhunt 2 nada que decir a excepción de que estos tienen la panza y la espalda hechas una tortilla de texturas
No me culpen ni a mi ni a memeboi
Culpen a FNAFHS y si no es eso a bunnie rabot xd

Pd: si pueden corregir las texturas de sus estómagos y espaldas resubirlos no es sta mal solo den créditos no se mamen cabrones

The beta red kings of Manhunt 2 nothing to say except that these have the belly and back made a texture tortilla
Do not blame me or memeboi
Blame FNAFHS and if it is not that to bunnie rabot xd

PD: if you can correct the textures of your stomachs and backs, it's not bad just give us credits do not hunt you bastards

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Red Kings Beta MH2
Red Kings Beta MH2 Red Kings Beta MH2 Red Kings Beta MH2

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