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Lana Sims 4 Custom [Sport]

Author: Misaki Yutsuki and Miyata Yutsuki
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Date: 03.03.2018
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Filesize: 5.787 MB

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• Model ripped from Sims 4 Game
• Rigged,convert & scratch work stuff by alex189
• saldin93 for the OC model & Texturing stuff.
• Credits to all Ade_Darma, Anto, Cazy, EsyraM, Asteria, Kijiko, spectacledchic, Birba32, LeahLilith and other modders in for making awesome clothing/skintone/makeups/hair for Sims 4 game.
• Program used: OpenIV, Zmodeler2, Zmodeler3, 3D Ripper DX, Photoshop, 3DS MAX 2010 & Magic TXD

•converter and adaptation for gta san andreas: Misaki Yutsuki/miyata Yutsuki


• Respect the author
• Do not claim this skin as yours in other pages
• You can edit the textures but for your personal use
• If you are going to share this mask on other pages, leave me in the credits

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Lana Sims 4 Custom [Sport]
Lana Sims 4 Custom [Sport] Lana Sims 4 Custom [Sport] Lana Sims 4 Custom [Sport] Lana Sims 4 Custom [Sport] Lana Sims 4 Custom [Sport] Lana Sims 4 Custom [Sport]

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