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Kokonoe Rin V2

Author: Tabris/Gamers
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Date: 05.07.2017
Downloads: 1837 | Statistics
Filesize: 2.813 MB

Rating: Disabled

Well another version of this skin.
I remade some textures to be more faithfull to source material,fixed lot of other stuff so it works better and now looks better like Kokonoe Rin.

This will be the last release of this month you have to wait until next month if you want more releases then donate as simple as that.

As explained before depending on what happened with support i will choose the ammount of releases since the support is cero i choose the minimum course of action 2 releases only and i will se if is once every 2 weekws or the 2 released on same day or with one day of difference either way only 2 per month.

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Kokonoe Rin V2

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