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Gwen 10

Author: Tabris/Gamers
Date: 09.06.2017
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Filesize: 1.984 MB

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This was the first ped i made for gta sa,but i keep getting those errors so i stopped caring i remaded the model from scratch around 20 times bt i got the same error over and over again.
Remember this was the first ped i made and was made some time ago i'm aware of the bugs and problems but since this is a modding community you can fix those and realease an updated version of the ped.
The bads
.- Texture bug (i'm aware of this but unable to fix it)
.- Size too big (sadly as i said before locking dff or txd is not a good idea and the best samll peds are locked so i can't use those)
The goods
.- Full details model
.- Clothes removable
.- Texture set complete

You are free to fix and edit as much as you want just don't forget to mention what you did and give credits

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Gwen 10

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