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GTA SA 100% Progress Savegame

Author: karitaseisuke
Date: 06.12.2015
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Progress 100% Complete, spawn Rhino & Hydra at Grove Street
Money $6351557
All weapon Hitman, but Desert Eagle still Poor
All school gold
Spawn Hotkinfe on Driving School SF
Spawn Jetmax on Boat School
Spawn NRG 500 on Bike School LV
Spawn Hunter on Flight School

Bonus Vehicle
I parked historically vehicles in my garage
Black ZR 350 (Mission Farewell My Love) : Dillimore garage
Black Limo (Mission Ice Cold Killa) : Hashbury garage
Monster (Mission Monster) : Fort Carson garage
White Buffalo (Mission High Noon) : Verdant Meadows small garage
Shamal (Mission Freefall) : Verdant Meadows large garage
Pink Windsor (Mission A Home in the Hills) : Mulholland garage

I understand a game without challenge will make you bore, i'll leave some missions for you
-Gangwar (GSF Territory only 35%)
-Get Hitman for Desert Eagle
-Completing girlfriend progress to get more clothes

Sorry for bad english

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GTA SA 100% Progress Savegame
GTA SA 100% Progress Savegame GTA SA 100% Progress Savegame GTA SA 100% Progress Savegame

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