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100% Savegame GOLD 2022

Author: danitheking95 | Email
Date: 26.12.2021
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Hi guys,

This is my 100% Savegame GOLD 2022 Savegame of GTA SA :

0 death, 0 busted & 0 cheats

Crime Rate : King of San Andreas (1.000.353)

Gang have better weapons : Desert eagle, Mp5, AK-47

The Real Green Sabre is in your garage !!

Notice (important) : if you want the real colour of the green sabre, you must be copy the folder data and paste to gta sa root folder, obligation !!

Grove street rules all san andreas !! [Historic Record] 30 years of domination (1992-2022)

For Celebrate that i have more surprise for you :

- All weapons in Grove street (folder cleo)
- New Luxury mansion mod (folder modloader)
- Extreme wanted level 6 stars (folder cleo) when u have 6 stars it's easy, now it's so harder ;) !!
- New car colour mod (folder data)

- copy all files and paste in your gta sa rootfolder

- Dyom mission : copy and paste in Documents/Gta sa userfiles/

For the Save you have retail & steam version


Copy GTASASF1.b and paste in Documents/Gta sa userfiles/

Happy Christmas and New Year 2022 !!

Have a nice game ;) !!

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100% Savegame GOLD 2022
100% Savegame GOLD 2022

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