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Tutorial How To Play Without Obb For Android

Author: P-Man
Date: 13.06.2015
Downloads: 26559
Filesize: 61.063 MB

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Hai all,,..
Long time not to see u all...

^_^ I create a tutor for play gta san andreas mobile (android) without obb...
Listen,,i only want to help you if you dont know this method before...
Because i know,,if any mod you have your size game maybe bigger untill 4-5Gb in SD Card,,because you have double folder inside android data and also inside android obb...

^_^ I hope my tutor can help you get more memory space your SD card...

^_^ You can use all version data (main.obb and patch.obb),,but this method only work with apk v.1.0.3 (i give inside download)...
Because,,i try with another apk version...That's no work untill now :D

^_^ for more info,,please read txt inside download folder..Dont forget that because important...

^_^ Inside folder contains:
-some screenshoot..
-video how to make gta sa without obb..
-and video how to replace dff...

^_^ Thanks all and wait for my final pack latter :D

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Tutorial How To Play Without Obb For Android

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