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Design Your Own Mission V7.0.2

Author: patrickW
Date: 07.01.2013
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Design Your Own Mission V7.0.2
Modification for GTA San Andreas
(c)2008-2012 by Dutchy3010 and PatrickW
Mission downloadsite:

- Introduction
This GTA San Andreas modification enables GTA fans that have no SCM-scripting knowledge to design their own missions. Missions are designed easy and fast in-game and can be played and distributed.

- Installation
First you have to make sure that CLEO3 is installed. It can be downloaded from
Without CLEO this modification will work, but saving and loading of missions is not supported.
The modification is distributed as an MPACK, which enables you to choose between then normal game and this mod, after you have started GTA San Andreas. Put the map "MPACK" with all content in your "GTA San Andreas User Files" (My Documents). After that start GTA San Andreas, click "New Game" and select "Design Your Own Mission".

- Information
Information about the mod and how to work with it can be found at the following places:
DYOM download site: DYOM support forum:

- Credits
Dutchy3010: Idea and scripting.
PatrickW: Idea and scripting.
Secronom President: Beta-tester.
Seemann: For creating CLEO and Sannybuilder.

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Design Your Own Mission V7.0.2

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