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GTA V Weapon Stats New

Author: arjunamust , Thatsme
Date: 10.12.2016
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Filesize: 34.962 MB

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New GTA V Weapon Stats

This mod is reedit from "GTA V Weapon Stats V3 beta" mod by thatsme


*Explosion Script for Railgun
*Railgun idle animation fix (Still beta)
*add a GTA V WEAPON ICON for GTA V HUD by dk22pac
*Ammunation Weapon Names Fix
*New script for Rocket Launcher (by ZAZ)
*New Weapon Animation
*GTA V Weapon Slots (2/3 Weapons At Once)
*Real GTA V Weapon Prices (Same in GTA V Weapon Stats V3 beta mod)
*New Rocket Launcher Crosshair
*Original Knife animation with New idle Animation
*Camera Crash fix
*and many more

-Weapon List:
Unarmed = unarmed
Brass knuckles = Knuckelduster
Golf Club = Golf club
Night Stick = Night Stick
Knife = Knife
Baseball Bat = Baseball Bat
Shovel = Crowbar
Pool Cue = Pool Cue
Katana = Hatchet
Chainsaw = Chainsaw
Dildo1 = Jerry Can
Dildo2 = Antique Cavalry Dagger
Vibe1 = Battle Axe
Vibe2 =Broken Bottle
Flowers = Hammer
Cane = Machete
Grenades = Grenades
Tear gas = Tear gas
Molotov = Molotov Coctail
Colt45 = Pistol
Silenced = SNS Pistol
Desert Eagle = Pistol .50
Shotgun = Pump Shotgun
Sawn off = Sawn off
Combat Shotgun = Assault Shotgun
Micro Uzi = Micro SMG
Ak47 = Assault Rifle
M4 = Carbine Rifle
Tec9 = Machine Pistol
Country Rifle = Sniper Rifle
Sniper Rifle = Heavy Sniper Rifle
RPG = Rocket Launcher
Heatseek = Homing Launcher
Flame Thrower = Railgun
Minigun = Minigun
Sachet Charge = Sticky Bomb
Spray Paint = Spray Paint
Fire Extinguisher = Fire Extinguisher
Camera = Camera
Nightvision Goggles = Nightvision Goggles
Thermal Goggles = Thermal Goggles
Parachute = Parachute


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GTA V Weapon Stats New
GTA V Weapon Stats New GTA V Weapon Stats New GTA V Weapon Stats New GTA V Weapon Stats New GTA V Weapon Stats New GTA V Weapon Stats New

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