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SAOA HUD 1.1.3

Author: 146001026
Date: 22.09.2016
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Version 1.1.3 -> Removed the annoying altitude warning message and sound.
Version 1.1.2 -> Fixed three errors resulting in crazy high average velocity:
* You could reset the timer while not driving.
* While onmission distance traveled was still being increased with stopped timer.
* The timer was reset while load from savegame. Now the values are stored on save until they aren’t manually reset by pressing “PAGE DOWN".
Added imperial system version. Tested on fresh installation with CLEO 4.3.
Version 1.1.1 -> Fixed some bugs, more colors added. Read README for more info.
Version 1.1 -> Accelerometer, G-Forces and more added. Read README for more info.

This CLEO SAOA -> speedometer/altimeter/odometer/accelerometer <- green HUD is working if you drive a vehicle. It shows your current velocity with two units, average velocity, altitude, distance travelled, drive time, acceleration with force, G-Forces and Performance. The values are direct float engine/statistics readings, so they are very accurate*. There’s also a sonic boom effect if you exceed the sonic velocity with a plane for example. This mod is available with metric/imperial units and turns into a minimal version if you are on a mission to avoid problems "with the timer".

*For 100 % accurate average velocity reading the FPS Limiter has to be enabled (constant 25 FPS). Unfortunately there’s no way to bypass this (or I just have no idea how to), because the average velocity calculations are done by -> distance travelled / internal game time(r) <- and San Andreas Engine is coded/ programmed sloppy like s*** (time calculations/physics). See here for more information about this

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SAOA HUD 1.1.3
SAOA HUD 1.1.3 SAOA HUD 1.1.3 SAOA HUD 1.1.3 SAOA HUD 1.1.3 SAOA HUD 1.1.3 SAOA HUD 1.1.3

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