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Swim In A Submarine From GTA 5 & Scuba Diving

Author: Gon_Iss SergeDV alexprof Ice-ManStudio
Date: 13.08.2016
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Greetings to all! Here is a script that enhances gta sa. Now you can dive to the underwater device of GTA V and explore San Andreas completely new way. Moreover, you can get out of it, and to swim in the tank with fins, diving accelerating.

Features fashion:
1 - You can get out of the submarine at a depth and swim, it remains a working regardless of the distance
2 - When you exit the submarine CJ scuba suits without pants, swim faster with flippers
3 - No markers. CJ comes in a submarine in any other transport
4 - submersible independent and it can safely swim in an underwater cave
5 - Easy and intuitive, configurable in the INI
6 - 2 tips language, the language of configurable via INI
7 - Upon exiting the vehicle, it does not float and not sink
8 - Remove and put after scuba diving in a submarine can be anywhere

Where to find the submarine:
Across the San Andreas as usual Jetmax. However, I did spawn an additional unit next to the stairs in the water, not far from the stadium LS.

I would also like to thank the additional SergeDV, without this mod would not have been, and he was also a tester.

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Swim In A Submarine From GTA 5 & Scuba Diving
Swim In A Submarine From GTA 5 & Scuba Diving

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