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RC Mod for Android

Author: megafirefox
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Date: 20.07.2016
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Hello! 2 months ago I decided to port this mod from PC to Android, and yesterday his last fixed the bug. There was a huge amount of bugs, including bugs that were only on Android, the list and details of the script in the archive folder.

Requirements: the latest version of CLEO and GTA SA

To activate the script, you have to sit in the van "Topfun" or "Berkley's RC Van" (It is important because in the other vehicle that will not work, you can get the script "Vehicle Spawn", link:, and click on the "3" zones and "7", and then panel appears with a list of radio-controlled cars. This list to scroll up, click on the "1" and downward "3" to select machine "2", and to exit from the list - "9". All these areas are taps in the archive with the script, who do not know what it is.

The script has all the radio-controlled car from the game, who can shoot and make a very strong explosions. For example, "RC Bandit," "RC Cam" and "RC Tiger" in the explosion can instantly destroy the real tank. "RC Tiger" and "RC Baron" can shoot. A "RC Baron", "RC Raider" and "RC Goblin" can drop bombs that destroy everything in a radius of 7 meters in the fall, so do not fly close to the ground at the time of their discharge. At the same time, you can dump only one bomb. To shoot, press the left button of the shot in order to drop the bomb - the right, and to blow up the trucks - cross.

Now you can listen to the radio in the radio-controlled models. ATTENTION! To avoid the bug with the camera in low ground RC machines, go to Settings -> Game -> Camera -> Low. Helicopters can be used to kill people with a screw. All good game, well, forget to evaluate the script. About: (MegaFirefox)

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RC Mod for Android
RC Mod for Android RC Mod for Android RC Mod for Android RC Mod for Android RC Mod for Android RC Mod for Android RC Mod for Android

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