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AirCombat Armor Core Battle

Author: misaki otanashi
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Date: 08.06.2016
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Use description:
1. Enter ACBT open, TBCA close ... (fully closed)
2. When turned on, shift + liftoff takeoff, F is closed ... (F closure is temporary and is not completely closed, press shift can not use the の case)
3. Shift to launch, space ... Mina Sang decline is not a little uncomfortable? In fact, I was to pit a pit Mina Sang ~
4. W forward, S backward, A left, D the right ...
5. The play is both a character will always use NEPGS facing the front of the lens, but do a little refinement,
    When SA is the time for the speed to 0, the character will be fixed, the lens will not follow steering .. (shooting party, no problem ~).
6. Double-click the button with the mobile, will perform both dodge ... then, will dodge left twice A ... (and drop off wood) for about 0.5 seconds limit cooling ...
7. Double-click w, then, will sprint forward, into the acceleration it can be used to hold long-haul use according to the period, but the speed is not so fast it wants ...
8. 4 kinds of weapons, machine guns and small missiles, electromagnetic pulse (EMP), tracking bomb ...
9. Flying the green light to the farthest point of the range, red for scanning the front hits distance ...
    If there is objective aimed at the green dot, then, is not enough range, speed shining red dot is hit の distance, the faster the closer on behalf of ...
     A range of about 80-100? Forgot ╮ (╯_╰) ╭
10. Q key to switch the machine guns and small missiles, the initial default machine gun, press Q to switch to small missiles, and then a switch back to the machine gun ...

11. The machine gun is a widely used, there is no limit of ammunition, the result is hit low price ... hehehe
Flight, press the left button to shoot, press the right targeting, you do not aim can shoot, move left and right when, only one will open,
Other guns firing for the mobile ...
 0.75 seconds rate of fire ...
12. The small missile with a range very far, over a green dot, distance can ignore (but still some distance), about missile firing,
      Firing rate of about 0.5 seconds?
      However minimal damage, passers-collar lunch out of the hit, but to hit Oh, partial swap of 1-2 meters is not dead Oh ~
      Even if the car you want to send a few will catch fire, or the basic practical machine gun, but small missiles against the enemy for a long time, easy to use than the machine gun ...
      Reason, can be very high in the air, the land of the NPC play dead ... after all, range quite far ...
13. The electromagnetic pulse (EMP), which have seen the weapons or Godzilla interested in science fiction collapse faithful know, right? (Skills have
       Cooling limit)
       Press E launch EMP, the car will be in the range of NPC & Zhenfei fluctuations, because this skill is a big God took の cleo repair research
       Reform ...
       Therefore, the force control was not very good ... too caught の words, but the car will explode Oh, Well NPC long as the encounter probably upturned
      The ~ ╮ (╯_╰) ╭
14. The tracking missiles, regarded kill weapons, right? Press T to enter the locked state, it will automatically lock the NPC, it was determined to be 40 meters in front of
       Heart, radius of 40 meters NPC ...
      Oh ... the car can not be locked because the lock system is sensor life ... Ha ha ha yeah ~ pit father

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AirCombat  Armor Core Battle
AirCombat  Armor Core Battle AirCombat  Armor Core Battle AirCombat  Armor Core Battle

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