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Free Camera for Android

Author: HAF, Los Santos guy
Date: 03.03.2016
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This mod adds a free moving camera. This is very useful if you want to take a screenshot or if you want to look inside buildings you can't enter.
This mod is made by HAF
How to install: Extract the zip file and move FreeMovingCamera.csa to Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa
How to use:
Tap 2 times on 'EXIT'
Use the arrows to move left, right, forwards and backwards.
Swipe with your fingers to turn the camera
If you want to move up and down click on the 'arrow down' button. You will get 2 buttons. 1 for moving up and one for moving down. There is a button on both sides of your screen. This is if you want to move the camera diagonally. When you're ready to take a screenshot use the arrow on the top right corner. This will remove the HUD so you can take a clean picture. When you're done tap 2 times om your screen to get the normal HUD back again.

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Free Camera for Android
Free Camera for Android Free Camera for Android Free Camera for Android

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