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Kidnaping the Ped Update 30/10/18

Author: jojo2971 | Email
Date: 17.02.2016
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This mod allows to kidnap a person in the street.

installation: ..
- Copy the file "Kidnaping the PedV2.cs" and past in the folder "cleo" in gta san andreas.
- Copy the folder "CLEO_SOUNDS" and past in the cleo folder.
- Then, Open the file gta3.img in the folder GTA-SanAndreas\models then add the file "KIDNAPING.ifp" inside.

- To kidnap a person, target (with right clic) and go behind the person then press the key "K".
- To change weapons press "Q" or "E"
- To turn left press "A" to turn right press "D" (you can also use the left/right arrows to turn).
- You can walk with "W" or back with "S".
- To aim upwards using the up arrow, to aim downwards press the down arrow.
- The light you indicate where you aim before shooting.
- To shoot press the left clic.
- To execute the hostage press the left and right click at the same time.
- To liberate the hostage press "Enter", or "F".
- You can change the view with "V", there are 3 different views.
- If the police see you kidnaps a person you will have 2 stars.
- If the police see you kill the hostage, you will have 3 stars.

The weapons usable in the mod :
- Unarmed
- Knife
- COLT45
- Silenced
- Desert-Eagle
- Tec9

Notes :
When you touching a car or another person in the street, they disappear. This is a bug caused by the teleportation of the hostage to get blocked on the player.
You can use this mod on characters in the missions but avoid kidnapping important characters to avoid problems as bugs or crashes.

The mod "Hostage animation" is included in the mod, read the readme for more details.

Update 20/09/16 :
- Fixed bug than caused the crash of game due to a removal of the reference on the characters.
However the characters added by a mod can cause some bugs because they are not intended to be kidnapped unlike to normal characters in the game that do not have specific tasks and have no references after their creation (I also let the first version of the mod for the moment because the mod is not yet perfect).

Update 30/10/18 :
- Conversion of global variables into local variables to prevent the other mods to disrupt the mod.

Use the second version of preference "Kidnaping the PedV2.cs".

Sorry for my bad english.

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Kidnaping the Ped Update 30/10/18
Kidnaping the Ped Update 30/10/18 Kidnaping the Ped Update 30/10/18 Kidnaping the Ped Update 30/10/18 Kidnaping the Ped Update 30/10/18 Kidnaping the Ped Update 30/10/18 Kidnaping the Ped Update 30/10/18 Kidnaping the Ped Update 30/10/18

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