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Dynamic SkyDome Mod v1.0.4

Author: W4nd3r
Website | Email
Date: 12.02.2016
Downloads: 54520 | Statistics
Filesize: 65.509 MB

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Dynamic SkyDome Mod v1.0.4 by W4nd3r

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Please contact me to help:
E-mail: [email protected]

- W4nd3r

- Deniska | Max Script - TOOLS SA.
- Kam's | Max Script.
- Shemer | Cleo Script Base.
- Wesser | skygrad.asi
- Function-X | Effects.
- LINK / 2012 | NoiseFix.cs

- Watch the video installation to avoid problems with your game.

Main Features:
- Dynamic and Realistic Clouds.
- Dynamic Ferris Wheel 0.5 BETA.

Improvements v1.0.4:
- Video installation.
- Fixed small bug in the evening.
- Significantly reduced file size.
- Fixed the close of play to go outside.
- New real sounds for rain.
- Fixed an error introduced with the stars at night.
- Now there will only be one version for both SA-MP to only one player.
- At the request of users all climates and times are unlocked except for the night.
- Times of rain as extravagant and exaggerated, improved some effects for a better vision of the player.
- The charging time is not as high compared last, depending mods you have installed.
- Clouds HDRi 10k Full HD, this could cause slow load early in the game but the quality is excellent.
- More support for SA-MP and one player.
- New clouds for rain and sunset.
- Reorganization of the times, climes and times.
- Random Climates (Optional).
- Camera Panorama to a broader vision of the environment (optional).

Coming soon:
- Slow Disappearance between a cloud and the other for the change is not instantaneous.
- On a larger scale, clouds normalmap for recognizing the light of sun and moon.


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Dynamic SkyDome Mod v1.0.4
Dynamic SkyDome Mod v1.0.4 Dynamic SkyDome Mod v1.0.4 Dynamic SkyDome Mod v1.0.4 Dynamic SkyDome Mod v1.0.4 Dynamic SkyDome Mod v1.0.4 Dynamic SkyDome Mod v1.0.4 Dynamic SkyDome Mod v1.0.4

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