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Quick Vehicle

Author: Mitorafer
Date: 31.01.2016
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Quick Vehicle Transport Mod V2.0 by matanyehoshua1 AKA Mitorafer

You can also get V2.0 HERE:!r4RhiTIa!nXr1D695jfVoS318GVX5N-mkgKFC_6e3i8du0IxbkCQ

What does it do?:
This mod spawns a vehicle and teleports you into it making you get out of tight situations with ease.

Installation Instructions:
Put the Quick Vehicle.cs file in your CLEO Folder.

How to Use:
Press TAB+I to Spawn Infernus and quickly get in.

Press TAB+T to Spawn Turismo And quickly get in.

Press TAB+N to Spawn NRG-500 And quickly get in.

Press TAB+Q to Spawn Hydra and quickly get in (the Hydra will spawn 100M above your position with you in it).

Press TAB+R to Spawn Rhino and quickly get in (the Rhino tank is very resistent against damage making it quite the ideal getaway vehicle).

Have Fun!

Special Thanks To:
thekokks for making the Turismo and Hydra spawns.

Change log:
V1.00: First Version Only Turismo And Infernus Available.
V1.20: Second Version Added NRG-500, Fixed Bugs In The Readme.
V1.30: Third Version I Managed To Compress The Whole 3 Files Into One File.
V1.40: Fourth Version Added The Hydra Spawn thkokss made the hydra will spawn 100 M Above your position with you inside so you don't need to takeoff
V2.0: Fifth Version: Added the Rhino Spawn and set the land vehicles to spawn with speed (easier getaway), Also rebuilt the script making it fully compatible with CLEO 4.

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Quick Vehicle

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