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Ganton Car Park

Author: Mitorafer
Date: 07.01.2016
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Ganton Car Park Mod V6.0

You can also download V6.0:!LxpyiYiZ!CieEoGW8kwUoV5LUqAr3psJIEWUe5vC5jeLOcGsBEzk

This Mod adds 30 vehicles into Ganton making it into a big parking zone.

Put the GCP.cs file in your CLEO folder
OR To use the older version use the GCP.cs in the OLD_GCP folder.
OR To use the classic version use the GCP.cs in the CLASSIC_GCP folder.

How to Use:
Press and hold "GCP" when you want to spawn the vehicles.
For Older Versions: no need as the vehicles spawn automatically.

Vehicles and How to Find Them:
Phoenix at the back of CJ's house
Infernus in front of CJ's House
Turismo above CJ's Garage
Hunter behind CJ's House
Savanna nerby Denise's house
Sentinel Same as the Savanna
Bullet near the "ten green bottles bar"
Alpha Nerby the Bullet
PCJ600 Nerby Alpha
Cargobob on the Bar
Euros Near "binco"
Remington Same as Euros
Maverick above "binco"
Sea Sparrow same as Maverick
Blade above the gym in Ganton
Raindance same As Blade
Sabre near the parking at the other side of ganton
News Helicopter Near the Sabre
Jester Near Sabre
Leviathan Above Sabre
BMX behind sweet's house
Bike Near BMX
Mountain Bike Near Bike
Voodoo other side of ganton where the houses are
Admiral At a House Nearby Voodoo
Greenwood At a House Nearby Admiral
Hotknife near a lamp post infront of the Admiral
Stretch under the bridge connecting Ganton and East los Santon
Sandking infront of CJ's house

Tips to Get the Vehicles:
Sentinel: look at the parking zones in ganton near OG LOC's House.
How To get above Binco: take a car and jump on it to get there.
How to Get above ganton gym: same as you do at Binco.
Turismo and Blade: drive fast to get 'em down without flipping.
News Helicopter: get above the building in the other south-middle side of Ganton and jump to its building, then you can fly the helicopter.
Leviathan: Jump to the News Helicopter location in order to get it.
Admiral Look carfully around the location of the burglary van.

V1: Begin "Ganton Car Park"
V2: Added Several vehicles
V3: Added More vehicles, fixed bugs
V4: Added 2 more vehicles, Changed the cheetah Car Color to Black
V4.3: added 2 more vehicles to the file (sabre and news helicopter), changed the cheetah to infernus, moved the savanna
V4.5:Added 2 more vehicles to file (Jester and Leviathan), moved the Infernus to a parking zone nearby (I noticed that people that drive like cops always crashing into it so it has been moved), Improved slightly the script
V5.0: Added 6 More Vehicles (BMX, Bike, Mountain, Bike, Voodoo, Admiral and Greenwood)
V5.1: Fixed the script removed usless junk
V5.2: just release v5.1 and then noticed some vehicles don't work corrctly so now they do
V5.3 : refixed the script made it compatible when saving
V5.4 FIX: Maked the Vehicles only spawn when you are near them (this should make laggs less apear)
V5.5: Now Vehicles have a setted color instead of complete black, vehicles won't freeze the game for a little while anymore
V6.0: Added 3 new vehicles (Sandking, Stretch and Hotknife), changed vehicles loading zones to speed things up, made a button combo so cars can spawn on demand.

Q. I found a bug!
A. REPORT its very important.
Q. Why it dosen't work!
A. put the .cs file in your cleo folder you can get cleo, also press and hold "GCP" for a sec.
Q. I have idea can you add it?
A. Sure feel free to tell me.
Q. I Can't seem to get to a vehicle how can I get it?
A. Look at: "Tips to Get the Vehicles".
Q. This version laggs my game.
A. I included the older versions use them instead, use the classic version if the old version is also too laggy.

the GCP.cs file is the new version and the GCP.cs in the OLD_GCP is the older version if you are expecting laggs use the old version
if the old version also lags use the classic version also provided in this mod

Special thanks for:
thekokss - fixed my old version

made by matanyehoshua1 AKA Mitorafer
All right reserved

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Ganton Car Park
Ganton Car Park Ganton Car Park Ganton Car Park Ganton Car Park Ganton Car Park Ganton Car Park Ganton Car Park

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