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Singers (Pengamen) in Grove Street

Author: Johnson047 aka MRH Artworks, Guitar Model by VoidioV | Email
Date: 06.09.2015
Downloads: 5198 | Statistics
Filesize: 1.796 MB

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This mod will spawn singers under the bridge near Ganton, you can also give money to singers with
standing in front of him amount $100

features :
1. Shades of Indonesia Mod. This mod nuanced Indonesia
2. Realistic Mod. Singers can be given money by $ 100
3. Realistic Anim. There are animated to give money when we stand in front of him and give him money .


1. Make sure your GTA San Andreas has installed CLEO Library. If not, then this mod will not work !!!
2. Make sure you have IMG Editor Tools like Alci IMG Editor, IMG Tools, Crazy IMG Editor, Spark, etc.
3. Copy a CLEO Folder in the Unlimited Money Final Version to your GTA San Andreas Game Folder
4. Replace M4.dff and M4.txd file into gta3.img with IMG Editor Tools like Alci IMG Editor, IMG Tools, Spark,
Crazy IMG Editor, etc.
5.. Enjoy This Mod :) ^_^

How to use this Mod:
Go to the area under the bridge Ganton, then stood in front of the singers , automatically you will give money to the singers complete with give money animation.

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Singers (Pengamen) in Grove Street

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