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cENB V5.0 - Final Version - Low PC Compatible

Author: TomGT234, Dkk22PAC, SilentPL, Hollow, FiniX, Robert Bad Driver, Boris Vorontsov, Rockstar Games, ThatsMe, The Truth' 92, NopeToDope. | Email
Date: 05.08.2015
Downloads: 54600 | Statistics
Filesize: 20.591 MB

9.84 based on 32 votes

Final version of cENB is finally here! Bunch optimizing, few extra Settings to messing with, and some Stabilization, and this cENB V5.0 is Born! I've Gathered some Sguggestion from you guys, and this is what we get, The best cENB compared to the Last version (V4.0, V3.0, V2.0, V1.0) Well, What's new?

- 2 Timecyc, One timecyc with Colorful, and More Reflection, and One Timecyc with Default Reflection, And Atmospheric Feeling. So you can choose which one is your taste!
- 2 choose-able enbseries.ini, One has a Strong Reflections, and Enabled DOF, and the other one has a Default Reflections, and Original Settings with some improvements
- Chrome Power has been Increased a bit, due to Reflection issues
- Reflection Quality has been changed, More HD, and Less "Silverish"
- Forced Road Reflection, so the Road Reflection will be Easily Visible
- 4 choose-able enbpalette, you can choose your own style, and try it by yourself!
- 8 Lensflare to choose, The 8th Lensflare customized by me (Lol, I know that Lensflare is too Messed up, so that's why I made it as an Optional Lensflare)
- 3 Particle for you to choose, Find your own Style and feel it!

Well, that's all I could say, For more further Information about how to Install it, Read the Read Me File provided in the Folder.

Q: Is this really the last cENB version?
A: Yes, this is. I will start making Medium PC ENB from now, If I had time though.

Q: How to install it?
A: The Read Me file is there. Read it and do it.

Q: May I Upload this to another website?
A: Yes, Make sure to Credits to Me, and Other Authors I've provided in the Author Section

If you have any further question, Review, or COmplaint, I will happily answer you. Leave an Email at [email protected] if you want to, or simply leave a Fair rate to show your Appreciation or your Review.

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cENB V5.0 - Final Version - Low PC Compatible
cENB V5.0 - Final Version - Low PC Compatible cENB V5.0 - Final Version - Low PC Compatible cENB V5.0 - Final Version - Low PC Compatible

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