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Arendelle Round Start

Author: AC-130 Pilot
Date: 26.07.2015
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Original sounds by Disney Digital Studio Services.

Edited sounds; textures "Arendelle" and numbers; cleo scripts by AC-130 Pilot.

Installation instructions and more information can be found in Read me.

Similar to a round start in any first person shooter game when the team Logo is shown with some writing under/above it followed by a call out.

You have to press "F7" to activate this "round start" mode which will last for 28 seconds. During these 28 seconds you will be ignored by everyone... Enough time for you to regroup (e.g. restore your in-game health, armour or get away from the police).

Originally I made this just for fun with only the music playing but then I thought about adding textures. I added an edited flag and after a while made it so the flag fades in and out. Then I made "Arendelle" text to appear in a similar way and added a call out "Arendelle". Finally it was a countdown done in the most ridiculous way possible (with a texture of each number)...

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Arendelle Round Start
Arendelle Round Start Arendelle Round Start Arendelle Round Start Arendelle Round Start Arendelle Round Start Arendelle Round Start

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