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cENB V 4.0 - Low PC Compatible

Author: TomGT234, Dkk22PAC, SilentPL, Hollow, FiniX, Robert Bad Driver, Boris Vorontsov, Rockstar Games, ThatsMe | Email
Date: 22.07.2015
Downloads: 16639 | Statistics
Filesize: 17.163 MB

8.69 based on 13 votes

Yet another time for another Version of cENB! After few customization, and all of the needs are done, It's time to Open it and Share it to you guys. cENB V 4.0, Includes lots of Bug fix, and more Settings has been redone. The best cENB so far compared to V 3.0. What's new?

- Completely NEW Timecyc - Beautiful Night, Atmospheric Morning, and Foggy Evening
- Redone Reflection, the Chrome Power has been decreased, and the Reflection Power has been re-stabled.
- Now the Lens Flare are Customized. By Default It's Heavily Customized, so if you don't like it, Just replace it with one of the provided Lensflare in the folder (There's about 7 Lensflare to choose, From Sunny, to Dirty Lens, and more)
- There's 3 Different Particle in the Model Folder, You could choose one. How to enable it? Rename one of the Particle to particle.txd, I suggest you to NOT using the HD. Since It's really Big, and HQ. You might want to try the particleV _ low Resolution one by ThatsMe
- Now There's 4 ENB Palette to choose. Which one is your Style? You find it out. How to enable it in Game? Rename your Favourite, or your wished Palette to enbpalette.bmp and you're done.
- The Road Reflection has been forced to 1. Making it more visible and less buggy.

Q: How do I choose my Lens Flare?
A: Copy them to your imfx folder. Overwriting the Old files.

Q: How can I remove the old Palette to use another one?
A: Rename the palette to other name, and rename your Wished palette to enbpalette.bmp

Well, I put a Lot of work into this, So, Please leave any Comment, Suggestion, Review, and rate. It would be meant so much for me :)

- Project2DFX was used on the screenshot, I sugegst you to NOT install it, because it extend the draw distance, so It would probably lag your PC
- The Texture, vegetation, or Environment, that are shwon in the screenshot, are NOT INCLUDED
- Cars that are shown in the screenshot DOES NOT Included as well.

Have fun and Enjoy!

P.S: Mail Me if you have any question, thoughts, or Suggestion. I would be so grateful for that.

Cheers out!

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cENB V 4.0 - Low PC Compatible
cENB V 4.0 - Low PC Compatible cENB V 4.0 - Low PC Compatible cENB V 4.0 - Low PC Compatible

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