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Police intelligence Improvement v2.0

Author: Muxan500 , crspo2020
Date: 21.07.2015
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Bored from the stupid cops ???
this mod will make the police the smartest in GTA Series , among other things like that :

-Cop Shoot better and miss less
-better aiming animation ( i guess you already know about the stupid aiming when the cops fire at you ) this will replace colt45.ifp that will correct the cops aim but won't do anything to the player aiming.
-Police Cars Chasing you are more aggressive and agile.
-When u start messing around the street any pedestrian on the street can make a call to the police, if u do not run before finishing the call, u get 2 wanted levels.
-With 4 Wanted Level, will have a van reports following you.
-Up To 8 cars chasing you and firing at your vehicle.
-Patriots and Hunter helicopters Will follow your vehicle and hunt you down.
-the more Cops Persue you the fewer people on the streets.

Recommended to use :- Hide From Cops mod along with this mod to make the game like the real life chase. :D

Installation :-

Extract CLEO FOLDER TO Your GTA SA Main Folder.

Extract Colt Anim Fix to your Mod Loader Folder or open gta3.img with any img tool and replace it.

credits : Muxan500

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Police intelligence Improvement v2.0

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