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Interactive Phone Mod

Author: Gon_iss (making this mod),Akash Babu (editing it for our use),Ashish Swami (Uploading here and removing a bug) | Email
Date: 11.07.2015
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Filesize: 36.79 MB

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This mod adds a Interactive Phone for GTA San Andreas
To Install view readme.
And if any problems let me know in the comments
Regards Ashish Swami

Gon_iss (making this mod)
Akash Babu (editing it for our use)
Ashish Swami (Uploading here and removing a bug)

- You can call friends for a drink or call them for help.
- Useful for use in transport, you need to hold for 5 seconds to open it while driving!
- Convenient player with shuffle, repeat. Supports up to 100 tracks in the playlist, switch tracks themselves. When you turn off the radio music.
- Setting the time and temperature system, based on the time of year, day, and climatic data cities and real places. Different images for day and night.
- Front camera with night vision effect, thermal, as in the car and on foot.
- When a call, the name and author of the photo appears on the call is displayed.
- Purchase and delivery of RC models and other transportation (car, motorcycle, boat and air transport), through a browser.
- Online banking to keep the money and shop online.
- Possibility to book a taxi. If you are not noted on the map where to go, the taxi driver will take you to your house in Grove Street.
- You can also call a tow truck, doctors, and firefighter.
- Annex "Coordinates" displays the current and maximum speed, location, distance traveled.
- Ability to configure all the ini file keys, all texture coordinates in the file (you can edit)
- Support for a wide screen / sound, English language
- Almost all settings except the keys can be changed in the "Settings" application
- 3 default themes, 3 ringtone (GTA V Retired)
- Disable clock and calendar widgets.
more in read me controls in read me

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Interactive Phone Mod
Interactive Phone Mod Interactive Phone Mod

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