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Nuclear Bomb

Author: GTV_5000
Date: 14.03.2015
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Description Script: The script "nuclear bomb" (To throw a nuclear bomb, press "C") allows you to dump nuclear yuombu with the following types of
1. vertalёtov (Hunter, Leviathn, Cargobob and Raindanc)
2. from airplanes (AT400, Hydra, Nevada and Amdromada)
reset (To throw a nuclear bomb, press key "C") after a nuclear bomb mushroom cloud appears great, the weather will change (the street becomes darkly)
the streets will house
Note: The archive contains two folders named: Nuke 1 and 2 nuclear bomb
Nuke script 1 allows you to drop bombs only vertalet, whose name
specified above
script Nuke 2 lets you drop bombs from planes only, the name of which
specified above
If you want to drop nuclear bombs and planes and vertalet place two scripts in the CLEO folder
For the script needed Cleo 4.
File nuclear bomb and nuclear bombs 2.cs throw in a folder Cleo.
MODELS folder contents placed in the same folder with a game, and then confirm replacement
(Just in case, make a backup copy of replaced files)
SOUND folder contents placed in a folder CLEO. Note: If you'll install
skrity Nuke Nuke 1 and 2 together make sure you copy the folder SOUND, which
attached to the script in the folder CLEO.
Enjoy your GAMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nuclear Bomb
Nuclear Bomb Nuclear Bomb Nuclear Bomb

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