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GTA V Property Income V1

Author: TheNathanNS
Date: 20.12.2014
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GTA V Property Income For GTA San Andreas V1

By TheNathanNS

1.) Description

This mod brings the "property income" feature from GTA V to GTA San Andreas.

In GTA V, if Michael/Trevor/Franklin have purchased a property, they will get weekly income, the amount varies on the property.

Now, my mod is similar, but daily instead of weekly. You will still get the $12,000 even if you don't own any of the properties listed.

Because I'm still new at CLEO scripting, the cash will be given to CJ exactly 24 minutes after you have started your save file.

If that is too long, I have supplied a 12 minute version.

I have also supplied alternate .FXT's for those who use modded player.imgs that replace CJ with Franklin, Niko etc.

2.) Installation

Decide which version you'd like (every 12 minutes/half day or every 24 minutes/daily) and drag V Income.cs to your CLEO folder and pay.fxt to your CLEO_TEXT folder.

If you use a different character than CJ, you may want to use an alternate FXT, just find the FXT closest to your character (Michael, Trevor, Franklin and Niko provided) and replace the pay.fxt file.

3.) Credits

Scripted by TheNathanNS

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GTA V Property Income V1
GTA V Property Income V1

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