BMW M5 Real Handling Line

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Date: 10.11.2014
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This is a realistic handling line for the BMW M5 F10, it has a real Kerb Weight of 1945 kg, realistic acceleration (0-60 mph in 4.8 secs) and a real delimited top speed of 186 mph. The handling line is designed to increase maximum response from the rear tyres, so there will be wheelspin under heavy acceleration. Further more. I have implemented ABS Brakes within the handling line so heavy braking and braking under poor weather conditions shouldn't be a problem. As a treat to you guys, I have "removed" the limiter from its usual top speed of 155 mph to its actual de-limited top speed of 186 mph. Just a word of caution, go easy on the steering under high speeds. Since the BMW is Rear Wheel Drive, it will be quite tail happy in the corners. But still manageable to control and have fun with.

The handling line is suited for pretty much any BMW M5 model, however it is best suited for the new BMW M5. The F10 series, furthermore I would recommend you download the following mod to suite perfectly well with the handling line based around it:

More realistic handling lines will be uploaded soon, or if you have a specific handling line you need for a particular vehicle do email me at:

Enjoy the new handling


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BMW M5 Real Handling Line

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