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Jason Voorhees From Misterix Cleo Mod

Author: beeswax | Email
Date: 28.10.2014
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The original concept had his first appearence on "Misterix Mod" made by Zeb89, originally this version of Jason Voorhees had a knife instead of a machete, so i decided to put him on his original location with his machete. The Jason made by Zeb was immortal... so in this case Jason can actually receive damage with any weapon, but you can drown him on the lake anyway.
This model of Jason for the standars of today it's outdated, there's many Friday the 13th mods with better models of Jason, but keep in mind that this was one of the firsts models ever made for GTA SA using edited clothes.

Sorry if you will found on the "Read me" some inconsistencies on the writing... or on any of my old mods... *UPDATED INFO 2.2.2022*

How to install:

1) add "jason.dff" and "jason.txd" in GTA3.IMG Archive and rebuild.
2) replace "katana.dff" and "katana.txd" from my files. (is a machete with blood)
3) Copy from the folder CLEO of my mod "Jason From Misterix Convertered To Cleo" and paste in your cleo folder.
4) Go To Shady Creeks cabin, and kill jason.
Thanks for the italian Zeb89 for the Misterix Mod, and Jason skin.

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Jason Voorhees From Misterix Cleo Mod

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