Lamborghini Aventador Real Handling Line

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Date: 19.10.2014
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Handling line: Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
Author: MK529

This is a realistic handling line for the lamborghini Aventador, it has a real Kerb Weight of 1575kg, realistic acceleration (0-60mph in 2.9 secs) and a real top speed of 217 mph. The handling, just like the real Aventador, is designed to increase grip and rapid acceleration of the line and be able to go around corners at speed.

Though if you mess about i.e. use the handbrake it will become a typical lambo, all mad and aggressive. I have spent time to ensure that the player's hands are on the steering wheel and is positioned well inside the vehicle.

The handling line is best suited for the following mod, but can still be applied to pretty much any lamborghini you want really. However, I am still working on a few other lamborghini handling lines. So check GTA Inside regularly.

The mod is created by Yuki, and the handling works perfectly with this model:

More handling lines will be uploaded soon, or if you have a specific handling line you need for a particular vehicle do email me at:

Enjoy the new handling line


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Lamborghini Aventador Real Handling Line

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