Lamborghini Huracan Real Handling Line

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Date: 17.10.2014
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This is a realistic handling line for the Lamborghini HURACÁN, it has a real Kerb Weight of 1422kg, realistic acceleration (0-60 mph in 3.2 secs) and a real top speed of 205 mph. I have added two handling lines, one is with simulated traction control where by the driver has increased grip and reduced wheel spin. The other has "no traction" control, meaning that the car will be very slippery and fun to drift with and just have fun really. But just a heads up, do go easy on the steering and braking. Plus avoid aggressive driving in the rain... yeah, like you guys are gonna listen to that.
I have also spent time to ensure that the character has their hands on the steering wheel, unfortunately due to the game being rather old. It is merely impossible to 100% make his hands go on the wheel, as this is to do with the size and shape of the model and the X,Y,Z axis of the vehicle and player inside the vehicle.

The handling lines are best suited for this mod created by Yuki from the GOC Modding Team:

As always more realistic handling lines will be uploaded soon, or if you have a specific handling line you need for a particular vehicle do email me at:

Enjoy the new handling lines


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Lamborghini Huracan Real Handling Line

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