ENB Series

ENB Platinum Series II

Author: Zikone, Ashar | Email
Date: 11.10.2014
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@All rights reserved to the authors of the other amendments included in this package.

@Copyright 2012 (c) Boris Vorontsov ENBseries.

· Suggestion's:

- Use a darker colour for better effect with the "wet texture".
- If you want the ENB how it look's on the screenshots, use the "Normal sett's".
- If you want more FPS, but low quality, use the "Optimized sett's".

· Special Thanks:

- Muhammad Ashar; Co-developer. Thanks for all the help, tweaks, suggestion's, tests and more. :)
- Marty McFly; For the Master Effect.
- PetkaGtA; He made the Bloom, Tomemapping also know as "SAGE" (Bloom, Tonemapping, etc.)
- 2dfx Team; (ThirteenAG, TheJAMESGM, SilentPL, DK22Pac and Wesser)
- gp65cj04; Thanks for the DoF.
- Boris Vorontsov; ENB Series creator.

- And finally... Beenja (René Farías Medina); One of my best's friends, thanks for all the help you still giving me.
Moral support, suggestion's, config's help, ENB sett's creation, and thanks for let me use your's sett's as base for this.
Thanks for all, my friend! PD: Si lees esto, semen.

· Important:

Please, don't share, post in other site, upload with your name, etc, without my permisson.

That's all! Please, enjoy this & have fun. :)

· Contact me:

- Skype: angelzikone
- My gallery:
- GTAForums user:
- Outlook:

~ Ángel Guzmán / Zikone / Vlangel. ~ Muhammad Ashar / Ashar.


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ENB Platinum Series II
ENB Platinum Series II ENB Platinum Series II ENB Platinum Series II

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