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Smooth Realistic Graphics ENB 3.0

Author: The_Unknown11
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Date: 28.08.2014
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Smooth Realistic Graphics ENB 3.0

1) Opening

Now Using ME 1.4 By Marty McFly

2) New Features

- New DOF
- Slight Matso Flare
- New Reflection
- New Timecyc
- Slight Shadow
- New Colorcorrection
- New Occlusion
- And More

3) Instalation

1. Install CLEO 4 First (Recommended)
2. Open ENB Files
3. Copy Everything Inside ENB Files Folder To Your San Andreas Directory
4. Run your Game
5. Press Shift + F12 to activate, and press it again to deactivate.
6. Have Fun, And Enjoy ;)

4) Tested On Low Performance Spec

- Windows : Winsdows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
- Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2310M CPU @ 2.10GHz
- RAM : 2GB DDR3 Memory
- GPU : Intel HD Graphics 3000

5) Ending

Have Some Questions Or Suggestions? Contact Me :)

Sorry For Bad English :D Because I'm Indonesian

Thanks For Download, And Wait For My Updates ;)

Don't Forget To Rate And Comment :)

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Smooth Realistic Graphics ENB 3.0
Smooth Realistic Graphics ENB 3.0 Smooth Realistic Graphics ENB 3.0 Smooth Realistic Graphics ENB 3.0

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