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Apple IOS7 Ringtones Set of full 27 ringtones

Author: archerhercules786 | Email
Date: 30.06.2014
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Copyright (C) of archerhercules786.

This pack contains Official IOS7 Ringtones [All ringtones Of IOS7] .How to install-Eazer said than Dunn!look down.

It is a freeware mod.You can distibute this mod andwhere else but please include my name [archerhercules786] and my email [ [email protected] ]and's name that this mod was taken from site.[World's biggest modplace for GTA Mods]

This Mod was requested by a person i dont remember,anyways i got inspired to make these ringtones because my brother bought a new iPhone 5S and itS ringtones were great.
So i thought of making this.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Download and open Alcis saat gui.Open SCRIPT section.Open bank_106 and select ur desired ringtone and replace sound_001.wav with any IOS7 Ringtones.
For example-1.You have opened bank_106 in SCRIPT Section.There will be a file of name sound_001.wav
2.Select it and select replace option.
3.If you want to replace it with [example] APEX.wav just replace it with it.It will keep sound_001.wav as it was default [in saat] and ur new ring is ready!!
By archerhercules786 [Arjun Kumar] Thats my nickname [archerhercules786] on .

Ede wich IOS DI Ringtona payian yaa.Mod freeware hega par merna naa pauna jarrori yaa.
Kida pariye GTA SA CH? bot sokhe tareeke na!
1.Alci saat gui khol ke Script section kohlna yaa.Fer Bank_106 lab ke onu kholna yaa.
2.Fer koi ek ringtone select karke replace karni yaa sound_001.wav naa.Jida-
Jida ki u like seaside.wav aali rington.souNd_001.wav select karke select replace option.Fer APEX.wav na replace karti ya der jedi ringtone thuanu badiya lagdi yaa.
Moj karo IOS 7 Di ringtone naa.
Mod kida da si?Badiya si ya nahi?
By archerherules786 [Arjun Kumar] O mera nickname ya te.

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Apple IOS7 Ringtones Set of full 27 ringtones

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